Category: Allgemein

Kids’ Camp Architecture

Photo documentation about vitruvian primitive huts in the forest

Comparison of AI text-to-image-tools

How do different AI tools handle non-figurative prompts?

Art Exhibition: ›Skopéin‹

Immersive media art installation that poses the question how the ›Heavenly Jerusalem‹ could look like. Displayed at Central Church Karlsruhe in September 2022.

Designing a book cover as 3D vector

Using 3D graphics for minimalistic vector illustrations

3D-Coordinate Export as CSV in Cinema 4D

Quick and dirty frame-by-frame coordinate export with Python and Xpresso


Art exhibition: On the way through Leonardo da Vinci’s concept city. By bicycle.

Illustrations for my computer graphics lectures

Illustrations and figures for my lectures in 3D computer graphics

Bookcovers & Editorial Design

Illustrations for print publishing


Concert photography

Rock ‘n Roll with two Nikons

Atmosphere in Virtual Reality

Science project: How to enhance experiences in virtual reality

Spherical VR photography

Enabling classic photo genres in virtual reality


Visions from the end of the world


What is this? A center for ants?

Wildlife photography

Snapshots of curious eyes between happy little trees