Category: Allgemein

PhD Dissertation: The aesthetics of the virtual

Exploring the relationship between modern virtual environments and the poetics of literature from 1800


Developing and designing a digital font without any Bézier curves – an open source and open end project

Project Benjamin

Using Natural Language Processing with Python to create visual representations of German theory texts

Camera to MIDI

Hacky Processing script to convert pixel values into MIDI commands in real time

Kids’ Camp Architecture

Photo documentation about vitruvian primitive huts in the forest

Comparison of AI text-to-image-tools

How do different AI tools handle non-figurative prompts?

Art Exhibition: ›Skopéin‹

Immersive media art installation that poses the question how the ›Heavenly Jerusalem‹ could look like. Displayed at Central Church Karlsruhe in September 2022.

Designing a book cover as 3D vector

Using 3D graphics for minimalistic vector illustrations

Wandering Landscape Machine

A prototype and framework for conceptualizing creativity

3D-Coordinate Export as CSV in Cinema 4D

Quick and dirty frame-by-frame coordinate export with Python and Xpresso


Art exhibition: On the way through Leonardo da Vinci’s concept city. By bicycle.

Illustrations for my computer graphics lectures

Illustrations and figures for my lectures in 3D computer graphics

Bookcovers & Editorial Design

Illustrations for print publishing


Concert photography

Rock ‘n Roll with two Nikons

Atmosphere in Virtual Reality

Science project: How to enhance experiences in virtual reality

Spherical VR photography

Enabling classic photo genres in virtual reality


Visions from the end of the world


What is this? A center for ants?

Wildlife photography

Snapshots of curious eyes between happy little trees