In the summer semester of 2019 I was honored to be in charge of the lectures in the field of computer graphics at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. In order to be able to show my students certain aspects of 3D modelling, I have created a large number of illustrations and graphics. I share these graphics here for free use. Maybe they are helpful for one or the other lecturer.

Important: I will update this page gradually. At the moment this wild repository is still quite a chaos. I hope I will find some time during the summer holidays to clean something up here and there and bring some structure into it.

CSG – Constructive Solid Geometry

Overview over some 3D primitives for CSG

Illustration how CSG modelling works

Different variations of Boole operations in 3D space

Problems with Boole operations: Mesh quality suffers

CSG-Intersections, destroying texture/rendering/viewport

Voxel- and Volume-Modelling

Voxel resolution – effects on polygonal mesh

Volume modelling vs. CSG-Boole (Polygonal modelling)


Triangles vs. Quads vs. n-Gons

Spline & Bézier based Modelling

linear & cubic spline comparison

Bézier and B-spline comparison

Bézier Modifier – usage for polygon-modelling

from spline to 3D-model: lathe object

complicated meshes via simple splines: loft object

Hyper-NURBs (subdivision surface): comparison of quads vs. triangles


Meta-Balls: Combination of spheres and splines

Meta-Balls: easy organic models with geometric primitives

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Gouraud Shading

Illustration of Gouraud algorithm


Caustics demo: Glass and semi-opaque object with Fresnel


Comparison Rasterization (biased render) vs. Raytracing (unbiased render)

Mudbox Render vs. Full Rendering: Importance of materials for realistic results

Examples of Sketch and Toon Renderings