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Andreas Siess, Michael Johansson
New patterns of prototyping: developing concepts with playful exploration and probing. A case study within arts and design.
Conference paper (double blind peer-reviewed) for: From Abstractness to Concreteness – experiential knowledge and the role of prototypes in design research, International Conference 2023 of the DRS Special Interest Group on Experiential Knowledge (EKSIG)
(contribution was accepted, publication in progress)

Andreas Siess
Kunst im Zeitalter ihrer maschinellen Produzierbarkeit.
Essay in: Schweizer Monat – das Debattenmagazin für Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur. Ausgabe 1105, April 2023, S. 48–50.
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Oliver Ruf, Andreas Siess
Was ist ein Labor – Zur Ästhetisierung experimenteller Umwelten.
Buchbeitrag in: Oliver Ruf und Lars C. Grabbe (Hg.): Technik-Ästhetik. Zur Theorie techno-ästhetischer Realität. Bielefeld: transcript. S. 19-40. ISBN: 978-3-8376-5636-7
Volltext (Open Access CC-BY-SA) bei transcript.

Ulrich Gehmann, Michael Johansson & Andreas Siess
Abstraction and Resilience: Symbolics and Space.
Book chapter (double blind peer-reviewed) in: Nicholas N. Patricios, Giulia Pellegri, Clara Goncalves, Fatih Rifki and Jesus Lara (Eds.): Representation in Architectural, Landscape and Urban Design. Athens: ATINER. S. 103-118. ISBN: 978-960-598-530-1 (derived from our presentation at the Italian Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, 30 May, 2021)
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Oliver Ruf, Andreas Siess
Simulierte Wildnis – Natur in technikästhetischen Umgebungen.
Buchbeitrag in: Lars C. Grabbe, Christiane Wagner, Tobias Held (Hg.): Kunst, Design und die technisierte Ästhetik. Marburg: Büchner. S. 250-265. ISBN: 978-3-96317-327-1.
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Oliver Ruf, Andreas Siess
Making Media – Zum Kreativitätsdispositiv zwischen Medienästhetik, Kommunikationsvermittlung und Designdidaktik
Zeitschriftenbeitrag (peer-reviewed) in: merz – Zeitschrift für Medienpädagogik (2021/5). S. 61-73. ISBN: 978-3-96848-047-3
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Andreas Siess
Plädoyer für eine Ästhetik des Virtuellen
Buchbeitrag in: Oliver Ruf und Stefan Neuhaus (Hg.). Designästhetik – Theorie und soziale Praxis. Bielefeld: transcript. S. 201-222.
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Matthias Wölfel, Daniel Hepperle, Andreas Siess, Jonas Deuchler
Staging Location-Based Virtual Reality to Improve Immersive Experiences
Journal article (double blind peer-reviewed) in: EAI Endorsed Transactions on Creative Technologies
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Daniel Hepperle, Andreas Siess, Matthias Wölfel
Staging Virtual Reality Exhibits for Bystander Involvement in Semi-Public Spaces
Conference: ArtsIT 2019 – 8th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Aalborg, Denmark
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Andreas Siess, Matthias Wölfel
User Color Temperature Preferences in Immersive Virtual Realities
Journal: Computers & Graphics, Volume 81, Elsevier, Pages 20-31
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Daniel Hepperle, Yannick Weiß, Andreas Siess, Matthias Wölfel
2D, 3D or speech? A case study on which user interface is preferable for what kind of object interaction in immersive virtual reality
Journal: Computers & Graphics, Volume 82, Elsevier, Pages 321-331
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Andreas Siess, Daniel Hepperle, Matthias Wölfel, Michael Johansson
Worldmaking: Designing for Audience Participation, Immersion and Interaction in Virtual and Real Spaces
Conference: ArtsIT 2018 – 7th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation, Braga, Portugal
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Andreas Siess, Matthias Wölfel, Nico Häffner:
Color Preference Differences between
Head Mounted Displays and PC Screens
Conference: International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW) Singapore
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Yannick Weiß, Daniel Hepperle, Andreas Siess, Matthias Wölfel:
What User Interface to Use for Virtual Reality?
2D, 3D or Speech-A User Study
Conference: International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW) Singapore
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Andreas Siess, Matthias Wölfel
Atmosphäre in virtuellen Umgebungen –
vier Studien zur Ästhetik des Digitalen
Abschlussbericht des Karl Steinbuch Forschungsprogramms der MFG Baden-Württemberg
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Andreas Siess, Sandra Beuck, Matthias Wölfel
Virtual Reality – Quo Vadis?
How to Address the Complete Audience of an Emerging Technology
Conference: CERC Collaborative European Research Conference, Karlsruhe
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Andreas Siess, Matthias Wölfel
Genius Loci in the Virtual –
How to make virtual places unique & special
Conference: The Idea of Place: 20th Anniversary Conference of Space and Culture Journal, Edmonton, Canada
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Matthias Wölfel, Andreas Siess, Daniel Hepperle, Hana Rude, Nico Häffner, Andreas Schaumann
Ideale Städte – Furtwanger Studierende präsentieren ihre Arbeiten auf der Architektur-Biennale in Venedig 2016
horizonte 49/ April 2017
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Andreas Siess, Kathleen Hübel, Daniel Hepperle, Andreas Dronov, Christian Hufnagel, Julia Aktun, Matthias Wölfel
Hybrid City Lighting – Improving Pedestrians’ Safety through Proactive Street Lighting
Conference: Cyberworlds Conference 2015, Visby, Sweden
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Andreas Siess, Kathleen Hübel, Daniel Hepperle, Andreas Dronov, Christian Hufnagel, Julia Aktun, Matthias Wölfel
Incentive Guidance of Crowds by Smart City Lights
Conference: Mensch und Computer, Stuttgart, Germany
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