Engineer (B. Eng.), photo- & typographer and foremost: digital designer (M.A.). Sometimes poet, more often thinker. Most often dabbler. I am looking forward to you and your amazing projects. 

Please note: Currently I interrupted my full-time job for my PhD at Furtwangen University (HFU) Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA), Germany. For current customers and other interesting projects or chanellenges I am nevertheless available. Let’s get in touch!

Portrait picture taken at the Venice Biennale by Johnny Gruber – thank you buddy for the great experience! 

Current Projects


I mostly use the following software:

  • A lot of statistic tools like Sofa, SPSS, JASP, PSPP
  • Maxon Cinema 4D, PixPlant 3, Quixel, sometimes Modo
  • Corona, Cycles & Indigo render software
  • if necessary: Python, Processing & Unity 3D
  • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premiere (from CS2 to CC)
  • Inkscape (still hoping that the development will somehow continue)
  • Affinity Designer (my bittersweet love)
  • Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion
  • Glyphs, FontLab & Fontographer


Some of my online profiles, feel free to contact me wherever you like:


In summer of 2015 the guys from KLAK had an awesome visit at my hut in the Black Forest. We were talking about my long exposure photo from the ISS at Steinberger See in Bavaria. So if you want to see me with short hair and without beard, here you go (movie is obviously in German – sorry!):