Anilin Alpha

Free demo font: How much anchors can you handle?

Anilin sample1

What's all about?

It's quite interesting that all tutorials of font design advise you to keep the number of anchors of each glyph so small as possible. Although I absolutely understand why this advise is given (e.g. because of cutting limitations) I just tried what happens, when you "overload" a font with anchors.

To be honest: Nothing. Nothing really mentionable happens. Most of the desktop publishing software can handle the font quite well. The font (its name is "Anilin" is roughly based on my own handwriting. I did the first sketches with a broken pencil and I liked the look.


If you want to test it on you own: Give it a try and download it here: Anilin Free Font

The font is free – you can do the hell you want to do with it. When you want to use it for a commercial project – go for it! But please remember my only wish: SEND ME SCREENSHOTS! Although this font was a total experiment: I want to improve my work. So tell me what you did with Anilin and what could be improved or what was missing.