Get here your free copy of the Abraxas free font. Made with love from me – use it for all purposes you can imagine. Have fun and show me your work!


Get it here: Download Abraxas Alpha (OTF, 18 KB)

The scribbles for the font were made with japanese ink on simple office paper. I designed this font because I often searched for some glyphs with this special “Arabic/Pirate”-style that doesn’t look too cheesy. I didn’t find much, so I decided to design the font by myself. I used some Japanese inkstick and an old Edding calligraphy pen as brush to get this special look. If you are using this font: I really appreciate feedback! So wither you like this font or not, please tell me so I can improve my work. (And when you ask nicely: I’m thinking about a bold and an italic style, I just need a little hint into the right direction. 🙂 )