During my work sessions as an 3D artist/modeler I created a lot of different bitmap textures out of my photographs. Mostly because I was hunting for a special effect or a defined look that the standard textures and materials of my software (Cinema 4D at the moment) were not able to deliver.

The good news: I share this stuff with you!

Just browse to my page patternpanda.org and download what you need – free of charge for all kind of projects. 

What you will find:

  • High resolution diffuse maps (mostly PNG)
  • 4K normal/bump maps (PNG or JPEG)
  • sometimes: 4K gloss map (PNG)
  • 4K displacement maps (PNG or JPEG)
  • baked ambient occlusion into a separate PNG
  • production-ready preset materials for Cinema 4D (lib4D)
  • bitmap files to use in any other 3D/render software

Give it a try!


Since this project got a long way (it started in 2015, which is an eternity in internet-years) I updated the site and especially the scope of the site a little bit. Now patternpanda is also offering:

  • high resolution scratchmasks for photorealistic wear and damage effects
  • experimental HDR images for lighting a 3D scene while using raytracing

Although I decided to abandon any further development in the lib4d-material packs in order to avoid any inconsistency with the growing material library. I keep the lib4ds online but please have a look at the texture library.

One (now deprecated) Cinema 4D preset library with stone materials (all with subpolygon displacement)