Experiment "Slayer"

Estimating the capabilities of the HTC Vive

Tree rendering 1

The HTC Vive is an absolute game changer in terms of virtual reality for me. Not only the screen is now providing a reasonable resolution (what makes a HUGE difference!), also the both controllers allow absolute intuitive gestures. Needless to say: This system will be an important first step and a peek-a-hole for future developments.

To get used to the very special needs of this new technology we decided to set up a little test setup. The following renders were experiments from me to develop a feeling what kind of style could actually "work" in the virtual environment.

Big thanks go out to the best project team you can imagine: Daniel Hepperle & Stefan Wywior (both from Zone GmbH) and last but not least: Sandra Beuck (Website)

Because even a experiment game needs at least a prototype storyline, here it is:
You are defending the last existing tree in the universe against all kind of threats. You are equipped with a shield, a laser gun, a sword and a bow. Good luck.

The tree and the plateau you are fighting in dawn.

Tree rendering in HTC Vive

Experiments with the rendering style of the laser gun. (Please do not take the labeling serious.)
Modeling was done in Cinema 4D, texturing in Quixel, rendering in LuxRender and Quixel.


Lil bertha space shotgun rendering

Very early alpha version, shown in Unity game engine editor

Unity and HTC Vive